eGiftify Partners

We work with best-in class partners in multiple verticals: technology, hospitality & travel services, financial services and marketing to bring innovative and unique digital/mobile solutions to our customers.

Distributors/ Resellers

We partner internationally with distributors and resellers to sell, implement and support eGiftify solutions to their customers.

White-Label Relicensing Partnership

In certain cases, we can private label our solution to be integrated, sold and implemented as our approved partner's own solution.

Payment Processors

eGiftify partners with payment processors in both distribution and integration to provide a more complete and integrated solution for our merchants and their customer payment and redeeming experiences.

Point of Sale Providers

While the eGifitfy solution does not require an integration into the customer's POS, our secure and scalable API design and development tools, allows us to easily integrate into any POS platform. We are happy to work with any POS provider to create a more integrated and seamless solution for our customers.

Technology Partners

eGiftify collaborates with complementary technology partners to provide a differentiating solution to our customers. These include mobile banking providers, hospitality technology services, payment solutions, loyalty programs, etc.

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