What is eGiftify?

We've created eGiftify to convert intentions into actions, making someone's day in an instant. You choose what, when, and how. We make sure the process of buying and sending a gift is fun, simple and secure.

Let's face it. Most people are thoughtful, but, like ourselves, they often let the moment pass, ultimately with just good intentions.

eGiftify makes it possible to capture the moment. To send someone a thoughtful treat to favorite shop instantly, from anywhere you are, directly to their phone, email or Facebook wall. Plus, you can add your own photos, videos, and messages for a personal touch.

How do I send a treat?

So easily! We've made it so convenient that it's really hard to find an excuse not to. You can reach us with your smartphone, computer, tablet or even call us at 1-800-214-3719 if you don't have internet access. Here's how:

  • Go to eGiftify.com or directly to one of our participating shop. Click send a gift,
  • OR,
  • Download our mobile app for even more convenience

Then, simply:

  • 1. Pick a city and shop.
  • 2. Take a photo or video, upload an existing one or choose one of our designs. Add a personal message, amount.
  • 3. Tell us how you want us to deliver the treat: SMS, Email, Facebook, or Print.

That's all. Again, no excuse not to make someone's day!

What do you mean by impulsive gifting?

Well, you can define it many ways. Sending a gift instantly to thank someone, to congratulate someone, to cheer someone up, etc. But in each case, we are trying to capture that moment of thoughtfulness and turning it into something.

For example, you know when you are out to dinner and you order an awesome drink, dish, or dessert and think to yourself, "so and so would LOVE this". Then you go on with your life... Great thought, but, if, at that moment you could snap a photo of it, add an amount and send it over to "so and so", then it becomes a "wow moment". That's impulsive gifting. Capturing 'that moment' of great intention and making someone else feel very special that you thought of them. You are impressive and they are smiling and honored!

How does my recipient get his gift? How do they use it?

Depending on how you chose for us to deliver your treat, they will either get an email, an SMS or a message on Facebook (unless you chose to print it out and hand it to them). It will tell them that you sent them a treat and will ask them to click to see it. When they do, they will see the exact gift that you designed (photo, video or design) your personal message, amount, and a QR code and gift code. The gift will go into their treat wallet so that they can use it anytime they want directly from their phone or they can print it our before hand.

When they are ready to use it at one of our shop partners, all they have to do is show it. The shop will scan the code and will verify it. Simple!

If there is an amount left over, they can use it next time.

How do I know if they have received it?

As soon as they click on the gift, we automatically send you an email to inform you that they have viewed it. If, for some reason, they have not opened it in 24 hours after we send it, we send them another message. If they still don't open it, we will send you an email informing you that they have not viewed it, and asking you to confirm that the email or number is correct. Then we can resend again and continue to keep in touch with you until they view it.

What if they lose the gift or erase the sms or email?

A digital gift is actually more secure and convenient than a traditional gift card. If we sent their gift by email, Facebook or SMS and they erase the message, no worries. They can contact us with their email. We will reissue the gift and resend them a secure message with a new password to access their gift again.

If they (or you) have printed it out, we advise that you contact us as soon as possible. We will de-active the old code and reissue one for the amount left over to the original email that was used. However, please treat printed gifts as cash, because if it is used before we are contacted, there's nothing that we can do.

If a phone or computer is stolen please contact us as soon as possible too so that we can deactivate the old gift and re-issue you a new one.

Our customer contact number is 1-800-214-3719

Can I send a gift that is not instant, say for a future date?

Yes, of course. We highlight our impulsive instant capability, but just as importantly, you can use eGiftify to schedule your gifts up to a year in advance and seem thoughtful all the time.

You can tell us when, how, what and to whom you want to send a gift. We will make sure that they get it on that date.

Starting in November 2012, you'll even be able to use eGiftify to automatically send a treat to any of your Facebook contacts for their birthdays or any other events. You make the list, and we can deliver a cup of coffee, dessert, drink or full meal with your "happy birthday" message directly to their wall.

Can I get a refund?

Because we offer instant gifting, at this time we cannot refund since the recipient might be on his way to using it.

This is great, but I don't see my city on your list?

Yes, at this moment we are adding new merchants and new cities almost weekly. We like to build a great network of favorite places in each city and then launch, so hopefully yours will be next.

We would love to hear which city you want and even some of your favorite places. Please email us at support@egiftify.com or call us at 1-800-214-3719 we'd love to hear your suggestions!

How do I know my information is secure?

Good question! More than anything, we value the security of your information and your privacy. We don't really want just a one-time shopper, we want to be here long term for you. For that, we know we need your trust.

We've taken security and fraud prevention very seriously every step of the development, operations, and distribution of our applications (our founding team members are ex-banking software people!) Additionally, we use 256-bit encryption to protect our website and your payment information.

And, we will never sell or distribute your personal information. Not even to our merchants, unless you want us to. Cross our hearts...
and see our terms and privacy policies for more details.

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